L&J Conover

My wife and I have been clients of Al Gonzalez for over 15 years. His expert financial planning has led us to retire comfortably, secure in the knowledge that we will continue to build our savings and ultimately leave our children a substantial inheritance. 

Al is an outstanding financial advisor. He is also well-versed in geopolitics and its effect on the the economy. He has an excellent support system, which allows him to provide individual attention to our financial needs. He is intelligent, personable, and genuinely cares about our future. Al’s professionalism and perseverance have allowed us to enjoy our retirement with confidence that our investments are being handled by experts. We highly recommend him to anyone who needs financial advice. 

J&A Reed

AG Wealth Advisors has been a breath of fresh air for our family. Their thoughtful, personalized service has better equipped and empowered us to be an active partner in our investment journey and not feel like just another account number, which we have experienced with past advisors. We would strongly recommend AGWA to anyone seeking a trusted guide and knowledgeable resource for holistic, caring, and tailored financial advice. They help you to understand what is really important to you in life, set goals for yourself, and then guide your financial decision making to align with those goals.

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