Estate Planning with AG Wealth Advisors

Many people procrastinate and don't get around to estate planning until it is too late. People tend to think they still have plenty of time, or they would rather not think about end of life scenarios. Own property out of state? Instead of letting state laws dictate how your assets and property are handled, make it your decision. 

Estate planning is not an exercise relegated to the wealthy alone. Indeed, anyone who wants to plan for the distribution of their assets or exercise of your responsibilities after you die or become incapacitated should pursue estate planning. And for those who are wealthy with many assets, a strategic estate plan has the potential to help minimize various taxes after death, such as income tax, estate tax and gift tax. We can work hand in hand with your estate attorney.

Tax and legal services are not offered by LPL Financial or AG Wealth Advisors.

                         Let AG Wealth Advisors Help With Your Estate Planning

At AG Wealth Advisors, we strive to build relationships with attorneys for our clients and their families, so that we can serve them for generations to come. We take our role as the Financial Director seriously and understand the importance of making sure you have a plan in place for your future. Whether you’re just starting out or nearing retirement, our team of planning professionals are here to help ensure your legacy, to family or charities, is secured for years to come.

Contact us today and let us help you create a plan that meets your unique needs. We can refer an estate attorney if one is needed.

Tax and legal services are not offered by LPL Financial or AG Wealth Advisors.

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