Business Owners

As a successful business owner you understand your clients, the market, and you provide suitable products and services. We do the same. Our business is to help you work towards a secure financial future. We understand the financial market and financial planning issues that may impact your ability to build greater wealth.

We provide innovative strategies for your specific needs in these and other areas:

Business Succession Planning
Executive Compensation Solutions

                                                       Succession Planning

Succession planning helps to ensure that a smooth transition can occur when you’re ready to retire or sell your business. We believe succession planning should include the long-term goal of retirement, but should also focus on contingency planning to protect against unexpected events.

  • Time your exit to maximize value (eliminating the risk of a fire sale)
  • Ensure continuity of service for your clients or customers (getting you the best value)
  • Provide for an efficient transfer of business to a successor or buyer of your choosing
  • Retire on your schedule
  • Remove emotional decision-making
  • Provide career-path opportunities to existing associates and/or elevate key employees to owners
  • Coordinate with your personal estate plan to minimize estate taxes
  • Plan for the unexpected

                                                        Executive Compensation

Having a plan in place to manage taxes on deferred compensation can be essential to helping you reap the benefits of this income source. The regulations governing when and how deferred compensation is taxed are complex and difficult to sort through. Our experienced advisors can help develop tax-efficient investment strategies tailored to your needs and situation.

Stock Option Planning
A comprehensive analysis of your stock option portfolio can provide the timely information and insight you need as you explore various approaches to making the most of this important aspect of your compensation. We provide the insight and objective guidance you need to help develop short-term and long-term stock option strategies.

Deferred Compensation Planning
Common examples of deferred compensation include stock options, pensions, and non-qualified deferred compensation retirement plans. The primary benefit of deferring compensation is the deferral of taxes on the compensation until the date you actually receive the income.

Tax and legal services are not offered by LPL Financial or AG Wealth Advisors.

                                                Company Retirement Plans

Many small business owners either do not have a retirement plan at work or have a plan that is out of compliance. Unfortunately, for many entrepreneurs even if they have a plan in place they do not maximize their savings. AG Wealth Advisors works with you in conjunction with a third party administrator (TPA) and CPA to help you remain compliant and take full advantage of retirement savings, and tax savings.  

As an experienced Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisors (CPFA), AG Wealth Advisors is committed to providing you and your plan participants with objective, results-oriented guidance across the full range of your retirement plan needs.  We combine our experience in retirement plan services with your specific objectives to develop a retirement program that seeks to meet your business needs while helping your participants pursue their important retirement goals.

With access to sophisticated investment tools and professional research, we are able to examine a broad range of providers and generate detailed reporting and comparisons. In addition, we can assist you with these and related plan services:

401(k), 403(b), 457 and other qualified defined contribution plans
Defined benefit plans
Non-qualified executive compensation plans
Investment policy statement reviews
404c Compliance reviews
Investment education for plan participants, executives and business owners